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What is bitcoin?

A little introductiovn about the bitcoin. It is a digital currency. So you don’t have anything in your
pocket. It is known as cryptocurrency.

What can you do with it? You can use your bitcoin to buy things electronically.
Just the same as with regular paper money.
The only difference with the regular money is that it is not registered.
Because it is only digital there is no paper money.
And nothing or nobody controls the bitcoin network!

Satoshi Nakamoto was the inventor of the bitcoin.
His idea: an electronic paysystem without a central authority like a bank and therefor low transaction fees.

Bitcoin protocol allows only 21 million bitcoins totally to be created.
However, these bitcoins can be divided into smaller parts.
The smallest part is a “satoshi".
That is one hundred millionth of a bitcoin.

The bitcoin is based on mathematics.
People around the world use software programs that follows a mathematical formula to produce bitcoins.
This formula is freely accessible, everybody can check it.

The bitcoin is decentralized. What does that mean!
Every machine that makes bitcoins and does transactions does a part of the total.
These machines are like a big puzzle: they are all seperate and on the other hand form a machinework together.
This is the blockchain, a big public ledger on which the entire bitcoin network does it’s work.
One can open a bitcoin account anonymously. So, no name or adress is needed!
The transactions go very fast. Within minutes from one account tot the other.